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Why Are We Here?

 "If you want to understand why we are here, all you have to understand first is that you live on one of the most beautiful water planets in this part of the galaxy. Your oceans are legendary. Your world is blessed with an abundance you take for granted. Places where water comes out of the ground pure are sacred and we don't understand when Earth Humans want to OWN water... When Earth Humans don't care that they throw tons and tons of garbage into their water.


They don't understand. YOU don't understand that your oceans are the lifeblood of your world and you're poisoning them. You don't understand that without pure water, you aren't going to survive this guys. It's all about the water.


For Star Nations... for us coming here, it's all about the water. That's it. That's THE reason.


Life is the thing that brings us here. Understanding your life... helping you to understand OUR lives. We are not so different. We really aren't so different from you. Our heads might be bigger. You might be taller. We have fewer fingers. Our skin might look funny. Your hair might look funny. Actually, we're envious of your hair. When we come here to talk to you, we come here because we want to be friends.


Earth currently is a protected planet until Official First Contact and then you have a choice. Earth Humans as a body can, if they wish, vote to discontinue the protection of your world from other Star Nations. Does that mean there are no bad Star Nations? We can not guarantee any individual from any Star Nation always be good or always be bad. Individuals are individuals. But if you have one bad individual from a Star Nation, please just do not dismiss that entire nation. You would not wish us to do that to you.


We need each other right now. You need to work on your telepathy right now because you need to understand us when we talk to you and we need to understand you when you talk to us. It is the one common language that we encourage you to learn because it will help speed up everything if you can hear us clearly and we can communicate.


If you wish to interact with us, if you have questions for us, hop onto Twitter, catch us if you can. If you don't catch us live, leave a message, leave a question and we'll see if we can get to it. Right now, we're learning about you. We like it when you want to learn about us.


But Official First Contact is not about technology. Official First Contact is about emotions, yours, ours and all the other Star Nations. I tell you what, everybody is scared at Official First Contact, us and you. Because we don't know what you're going to do to us and you don't know if we're going to do something to you and everybody is trying to figure out how to get across cultural barriers for the first time ever, and get past the "oh my God they look weird!" response. Understand that even if we look different, we're people... People who've come to meet you, to help you if you let them.


When we meet, a startle response is normal. Please see if you can put aside your fears and look us in the eye. See if we really are making aggressive moves toward you. Watch our body language. Feel your feelings. Listen to the thoughts in your head. You're not making them up if they don't sound like you because many of us are trained to communicate and when you respond, then interaction can begin.


I hope that's helpful and thank you for letting me speak."


- T'ni