Official First Contact

Fall of 2021

32 Star Nations

P'nti Words & Phrases 

b't t'n: bah-tay tah nay) be/stay curious/busy (casual goodbye parting phrase)  

cjcj whh: (say jay-jay wah-Ha): "What's anticipated?" or "What's up?

kktrnln: (say keh keh trin lan): mountain top covered by clouds, "cloud hat" or "woman changes her hat" 

k'k' (kee kee): thank you

kwh (say kee-Wah-hoo or kee-Wah-hu): which loosely translates to the "blue water people” or Earth Humans.

mh cll (maHa-a cah lel): You are most welcome. (your words are warming to me)

p'fn (Puh-fin): silly

t'h t'l d'st (teHah teLee diStay): Hello friend, I am (called). 

tk tk (teak teak): thank you (we are together in thought on this and it is good.) The hand gesture for tk tk is to take all the fingers of one hand, bring the tips all together, tapping your fingertips together twice.

tl-l (tah-lee-lee or shortened tee-lee): friend. 

t’m (tah-ahm): emotionally adopted non-family member or family units of multiple adults co-joined that are sought for advice. 

xntr (jhen-tor): unwilling or sleepy/dopey

Dkyw (dok-ya-wea): first glimmer of sunrise.

t'ch (ta-Cha): ground and roasted legume-type bean drink with a deep dark flavored natural sweetener (a wild black "honey").